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Dennoch ist der Mac ist als Plattform für Videogames für die steht, sollte sich auf der Plattform GOG (Good Old Games) umsehen, denn die. Hey, look! A sleek computer with a piece of fruit embossed on it. Contrary to popular belief, there's loads of games to be played on Apple. Discover the best Mac games delivered. Easily explore the top games already out, those officially confirmed and the hottest rumors.

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Top 10 New Mac Games of June 2017 No spam, we promise. It's pretty standard role-playing fare, but the class system in FFXIV is very versatile, allowing you to switch from a wizard to a fighter simply by dropping your magic wand and picking up a sword instead - although you do still need to spend some time training up both your melee and magic skills in order to use them properly. The critics love it. It's still free-to-play, but you only get one character that you can play all the way up to the maximum of Level In any case, Max Payne 3 does require a modern Mac to run: This sounded very strange to me at first. Speaking of graphics, the retro style they went for looks great and makes this a lightweight game. F1 Serious racing fans, this one is for you. This is your chance to play as James Raynor or Diablo. Blades of the Game str. That alone put the game on my radar. Throughout the campaign, a voice narrates your every move. Mit MacBook, iPhone und iPad unterwegs. You get to build spacecrafts and launch them. Mp3s automatisch umbenennen 1 Antworten 16 mal gelesen. In Limbo, you guide a boy through dangerous places in search of his missing sister. Needless to say, you set off to lift this curse, gathering new companions and completing stacks of side-quests along the way. Itching for a bit of big-budget ultra-violence? Stellaris is their take on space strategy and is set in the year It all creates an atmosphere that is hard to. Mit FIFA 12 hat sich der unangefochtene Platzhirsch des Genres bislang nur einmal auf den Mac verirrt und das auch nur in Form einer technisch bescheidenden Umsetzung. Are you into dark and lets play videos RPGs? Mit ein Grund für den Aufschwung ist aber die starke Verzahnung der Systemwelten Apples. Well apparently my mind is going faster than I realized. Best Mac Games That said, good graphics mean you will need a decent Mac to run it: Enough to make this my favorite shooter right now. World of Tanks runs on Mac too. You can always switch to the old graphics at any point, and however you play, it's really the rich humor and smart puzzles that make this an enduring favorite.