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People Testing IBM's Real - World Sword Art Online Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called, well, Sword Art. Was meint ihr, wie lange es noch dauern wird ein MMO wie SAO (Sword Fortschritte die Welt hat die uns an solch ein Game näher bringen. A real life VRMMO based on Sword Art Online has been announced, Sword Instead of using a video game. And you, what they think of it? SAO HERE I Meuser berlin Chris June 21, Nintendo Working on Pokemon VR MMO for the NX April 01, Es ist ähnlich wie mit den Tablets. So please be patient. sword art online real life game

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Contact me if you are interested. Jonah July 13, Sadly not to walk u have to move ur leg up and down to use sword u need to swing ur hand down and also 1 swing can mean 2 swing in the game so it wont be really fun i was expecting for a full dive though maybe they will come out with full dive in a few years or a few decade.. And then started the changes, improvements launched and, guess what? Everyone might be waiting for this but dont forget about something, this is new tech so the price will be ridiculously high. Jason January 29,

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It also has a battery and internal memory to store data from the games. My fear is that in the future people will lock up within these virtual worlds — to be better than your reality in most cases. Summer May 12, Sadly only a tech demo for the moment. All this while keeping the user in a semi-coma, unable to feel, hear, or move your body in the real world, also the result of sending electrical impulses to the brain. I started looking threads and found one on the NerverGear, the helmet that can take you to the virtual world of anime Sword Art Online. Thanks for the advice regen. Kirito March 17, I just read your entire passage it was amazing I just hope that the technology will come some for this soon. Kijah November 07, Hei Ich habe mal eine Frage und die wäre ob es wirklich ginge ein Nerv gear in echt herzustellen und das dann alles so ist wie in Sao.. Well, the advantage of Cognitive Computing is the ability to use natural language and to learn. But can someone answer is this thing going to be legit? Combine this with the motion sensor to emulate human vision when you turn your head. Lesezeichen Lesezeichen Twitter Facebook. It looks like this demo was developed by a amateur VR programmer. Die Technik dahinter ist aber komplett nicht miteinander zu vergleichen. Um so etwas zu ermöglichen, müssten wirklich alle Hirnströme kontrolliert werden. I would like to escape the world and play music for all the players in SAO when and if the game comes out IRL. I cannot wait for the day of complete VR where we can visit VR worlds. Tyler May 17, And as the Emotiv EPOC still does not seem accurate enough to be able bad oyenhausen casino move his arms with agility, the Razer Hydra unit is used to emulate the movement of hands and arms in the game. At first, greatest revolution, everyone buying … Then it would become something very casual. Wie hat Asuna und Kirito bei Sword Art Online überlebt Kampf gegen Heathcliff 2 Antworten. Hi Kirito, in my opinion you should keep this for yourself, at least for the moment, because as you say, there maight be some people that would steal your project ideas. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It is an anime where the main characters are trapped in the game and if they die in the game, they die in real life. I have to do a couple things before I cam start. Sheila Luxenberg March 31,